Shooqr - Non-cash tip service for restaurants and hotels.

Have You ever been in a situation where the visitors of Your restaurant would like to pay tips, but couldn’t do it due to lack of cash? Pretty common situation, isn’t it?

In this case, our service is exactly what You are looking for! ShooQr - is an assistant for restaurant business which allows your customers to pay tips with only a few taps on Your device’s screen! We also added crypto payments for the most advanced users who prefer crypto wallets.

One more helpful feature - is a virtual menu with the QR-code function that will transfer users to Your restaurant’s menu. Also it is possible to make a distant order using cart functionality.

Shooqr main page

APD team crafted with love:

Corporate identity and brandbook;

Corporate portal;

Personal area for restaurants;

E-menu for restaurants;

On-line tips system.

Shooqr main page
Shooqr personal area
Shooqr menu
Shooqr tips